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Our COVID-19 Summer Guarantee

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, Wilderness Awareness School has suspended all in-person programs, gatherings, and events for the safety of our students and staff through the month of May. 

We're so looking forward to running our programs again in the brighter months ahead! However, we know that this pandemic still holds uncertainty for us in the coming months, which is why we've rolled out our Summer Guarantee.

Students and/or families are eligible for a full refund of any summer program Wilderness Awareness School cancels due to COVID-19, or if COVID-19 adversely impacts a student and/or family (i.e. job loss, illness, or caring for a sick family member). For more information about our Summer Guarantee, click here.


Adult Programs at Wilderness Awareness School

More than a wilderness survival school, our Adult Courses provide hands-on training in our core areas of study. We offer Wilderness Survival courses, Wild Edible Plants courses, Wildlife Tracking courses, Bird Language courses, Nature Education Mentoring courses and more.

We've designed classes for all levels of interest from daylong to yearlong programs.

Here are some examples of what we offer:

  • A morning listening and interpreting bird song and their behavior at our Bird Language Club
  • A day spent tracking local wildlife at our Tracking Club
  • A weekend class on how to prevent and deal with a short-term Wilderness Survival situation: Wilderness Survival Basics
  • A weeklong class on our unique, 8-shields based mentoring curriculum: Art of Mentoring
  • A one-weekend-per-month Wildlife Tracking program: Tracking Intensive
  • A 9-month immersion in wilderness survival, permaculture, tracking, nature connection, and awareness training: Anake Outdoor School

As you can see, there is something for everyone who is interested in being more connected to the natural world!

Click on one of the classes above to get started.

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