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Information about mushrooms and other heritage species, and resources for diving further into the study of cultural heritage.


Information and resources about trees, survival skills and primitive living.


Articles about birds, bird language and celestial bodies, with a dash of gratitude thrown in.


Information and resources about ecological indicator species, ecology, minerals/soils, weather, mentoring and storytelling.

Welcome to our library of useful articles relating to nature skills and nature connection.


As you can see, there are several categories for you to choose from. These categories, or directions as we call them, are based on the 8-shields medicine wheel. Each direction has its own area of study. We hope you find these articles informative and actionable!


Information about hazard species and conditions, resources for inspiration, articles about the Core Routines.


Articles about plants, edible/medicinal plant uses, mapping and navigation, and land stewardship.


Information and resources for furthering your knowledge of mammals and wildlife tracking.


Articles about catchable critters, self awareness and inner tracking and the universal child’s passions.

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